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Contact the Group Manager for more information.

Payment Policy for Groups (more information)

Phoenix Tennis Center has several groups of men, women and mixed players that play on a regular basis at  the center. The group skills vary from 3.0 to 4.5 (NTRP). Each group has a manager who represents the group and manages all players and schedules. If you wish to join a group, contact the group manager.

Each Group has a set of procedures for joining the Group.  Contact the Group Manager for details on how to become involved with the Group.

NEW! Adult/Senior Beginner Lessons!

More Information

Men's Groups

Men's - AM  MWF                           Shourds

Men's - PM Tuesdays                            Uhl

Men's - PM Tuesdays                        Jivery

Men's - PM Thursdays                 Simmons

Women's Groups

Women's - AM  Mondays                    Wolf

Women's - AM  Wednesdays   Parmenter

Women's - AM Fridays                      Miller

Mixed Groups

Mixed - PM Sundays                   Simmons

Mixed - PM Tuesdays                     Renner

Mixed - PM Tuesdays                   Martinez

Mixed - PM Mon-Tue                  Matt Peck