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Restoration Project
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In the spring of 2014 the city of Phoenix began a major, $4 million restoration project at the Phoenix Tennis Center.  The project consisted of demolishing all 23 courts and constructing 25 new courts from the ground up.  Larry Sims, an avid fan and tennis player at the tennis center, chronicled the project with these photos.
Remember the old courts

The initial phase of the project was to tear up the old courts. The cement from the old courts was crushed and saved for use as the base of the new courts.

 Pile of crushed concrete

View from the east of the demolition of the old courts.

 View from the East

Workmen tearing up old courts east of pro shop.

The land east of the pro shop bare and graded.

Next, the construction begins.  The base is put down and the rebar installed.



Note the blue awnings have been installed for player shade and rest area.


Work in Progress

Work in Process

Concrete is poured!



The fence crew can begin installing the fencing.


The wind shields can now be attached.

Wind Shields

The pavillion area is ready.  Note the large yellow frame for the court section awning.


Once the concrete has cured, the smoothing process begins.


A black primer is applied to the cement.


After the primer has set, the blue court layer is applied.

Base and blue paint

Brand of Blue Paint

Hawk Paint

Court view of blue layer.


The green court paint is then applied.


Lining the courts now begins.

Blue and Green with lining 

Courts 8, 9, and 10 completed.

Courts 8 9 10

New Court Signs.

New Sign 

Grass Mall at the new west entrance.


Court four by the entry.

Courts 2 and 3

Court Landscape


Courts at Night

Night Courts

Night Lights

Court overview


180 Degree Photo

180 Degree 


Larry Sims, chronicler of this restoration, atop the tournament desk pavillion.


Additional photos




Phoenix Tennis Center



Special thanks to Larry Sims for this photo chronology of the Phoenix Tennis Center restoration. 



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