Phoenix Tennis Center
Grand Re-Opening
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Daniel Valenzuela
speaking at the dedication of the reopening of the newly restored Phoenix Tennis Center.


Master of Ceremony

Augie Perez



Distinguished Guests


District 5 Councilman

Daniel Valenzuela


Parks Director

Jim Burke


Financial Consultant

Roger Peck


Recreation Supervisor

Jan Sherwood


U.S.T.A. Southwest

Shelby Payne

Jackie Marx


PTC Concessionaire

Matt Peck



Citizens Committee

Dave Filani






Photographs of the event by Larry Sims

Master of Ceremony
Augie Perez looks on as Councilman Valenzuela speaks.

MC Augie

Augie and Jan Sherwood

Augie and NW Phoenix Park Coordinator

 Finance Consultant - Roger Peck

Grand Finance Guy

Matt Peck
Phoenix Tennis Center Concessionaire

Matt Peck at Podium

Dave Filani, Chairman of the Restoration Citizen Committee spoke to the crowd explaining the role played by the citizen committee with petitions and working with the City and Parks Department.

Dave Filani at the Podium

The ceremony was well attended

Reopening crowd
       Crowd 2

Represented were USTA, Match Point, NW Park, and Phoenix Tennis Center

Represented at ReOpening

Visitors to the PTC booth received free cans
of tennis balls and Wilson equipment.  They added their name to a list of PTC supporters who want an email when there are changes/additions to the web site and other announcements.  Bob Edgell, manager of the PTC web site, is shown here requesting information on past Sectional and National teams.  The web site is being expanded with a tournament history of all past winners.

     Phoenix Tennis Center Booth

Councilman Valenzuela in a friendly match
against 9 year old tennis great, Thomas Faurel.

Valenzuela and 9 year old

USTA 10-Under Coordinator
Jackie Marx
10 and Under

Friends and Families

Leslee and friend   Bob and Leslee

Nine year old tennis great

Felix    Grand Assistant

Couple    Grand Players

Grand Player    Grand TEC

If you have photographs of the event, email them as a .jpg attachment to:

Grand PTC sign


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